Five Fabulous Food Farmers’ Market Finds

Market season is upon us!

Travel writer Shel Zolkewich selects a handful of tasty treats to sample as you stroll the market on a summery Saturday morning.

There’s no better place for foodies to taste the bounty of the season than at The Town Square Farmers’ Market, open every Saturday from 9am to 1:30 pm at the corner of 3rd Street and Demers Avenue. Whether you come to the market hungry and want to snack and stroll—or take home some treats for dinner, the market offers delicious options, all locally made and fresh as can be.

Kick off your visit with a stop at Bully Brew Coffee for a cold-brewed coffee. It comes in a reusable plastic cup that turns blue when it gets cold! It’ll keep you energized at you explore the rest of the market. You could also opt for a hot coffee and a variety of every-changing treats including a monster cookie, scone or toffee bar. This local business has four bustling locations, and plans to open a fifth in East Grand Forks this summer. Coffee for one and all!

The irresistible aroma of freshly roasted nuts is coming from the far corner of the market. If you think you can walk by without making a purchase, the steady supply of samples will change your mind. Roasted almonds are the perfect snack while strolling the market and it’s probably a good idea to buy a second bag because you’ll be craving more as soon as you get home.

There’s always a line-up at the east edge of the market for The Baker’s Wagon, a cuter-than-cute mobile cart where pastries abound. There are tarts and cinnamon buns and even colorful jars of early-season preserves, but the hot ticket is the fried pie. At $2 each, it’s painless to stock up on these hand-sized pies that come in tempting flavors including lemon, strawberry rhubarb and cherry.

The hallmark of any great farmers’ market is, of course, fresh produce. And the Town Square Market does not disappoint. Fill your shopping bag with Swiss chard, green beans and gleaming white onions for tonight’s dinner. But for a treat while you shop, there’s nothing better than a basket of bright and delicious local strawberries. Buy two baskets—one for right now and one for dessert tonight.

If it’s getting close to lunchtime, head for the Little Bangkok cart. This offshoot of the popular restaurant in East Grand Forks brings the flavors of Thailand to the market. You can’t beat a snack of their delicious spring rolls (3 for $5) or dumplings (six for $5). And again, it’s probably a good idea to stock up on some for the week ahead (they reheat easily in the oven).

While the Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau sponsored Ms. Zolkewich’s stay, all opinions are her own.

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