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Food defines a place. If you travel to Philadelphia, you must have a cheesesteak. In New Orleans, it’s the poboy. And in Boston, well, it’s clam chowder of course.

Today’s blog comes from Shel Zolkewich, a travel writer, blogger and friend to Greater Grand Forks.

So what are the ‘must have’ foods in Grand Forks? This outta towner will tell you.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Culinary historians can’t put a finger on exactly where or when this Mexican soup got its start. But everyone can agree on the fact that it’s delicious. Essentially, it consists of chicken broth served with strips of fried tortillas. But like all great ancient soups, it varies greatly. In Grand Forks, it’s served up in a creamy chicken broth, flecked with diced peppers and topped with cheese. Sometime sour cream too. For just over $3, get your introduction to this soup at The Red Pepper. I’ve been known to ask for a double order and call it supper. Other favourite spots include Speedway(still just over $3), Rhombus Guys (but only in the winter) and Paradiso (here it comes with a side salad and bread). There’s an unconfirmed rumor that even Dairy Queen serves it from time to time.



You’ve seen it on the menu but aren’t exactly sure what it is. Lavosh is a Armenian flatbread that also goes by the names lahvosh and lavash. It’s sort of like a crispy pizza crust and sort of like a thick cracker. On first glance, it could be mistaken for a pizza, but the taste is a lot lighter. The Toasted Frog offers gourmet varieties including one topped with shrimp, scallops, crab and artichokes. At Wild Hog Smokehouse, opt for one with smoked pulled chicken, red bell peppers, cilantro, and honey barbecue sauce. Whitey’s offers something called Not Lavosh because it’s served on a crispy tortilla, but the spirit of the flatbread is still there. Try the Cajun with Andouille sausage, blackened chicken, spicy marinara, red onion, green peppers and Havarti.

Caramel Rolls

In some places they’re called cinnamon buns. In others, they go by the moniker of sticky buns. But here in Grand Forks, it’s caramel rolls all the mouth-watering way. They start as sweet buns then get covered in ooey-gooey good caramel sauce. Pecan or walnuts also appear, upon request. The thought of a caramel roll with walnuts from Dakota Harvest Bakers will make you leap out of bed and out the door. At hometown favourite Darcy’s Café, the caramel rolls are always a must, but try to leave room for the Strawberry Delight French toast too. And the eggs Benedict. And the luchador breakfast (a Mexican inspired dish for BIG appetites). You can even pick up caramel rolls at truck stops and grocery stores in the area.

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