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Greater Grand Forks: Way Cooler Than You Think!


WayCoolerWebsiteThe Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau is a proud supporter of the greater Grand Forks workforce recruitment and retention initiation that was recently launched.  As a supporter of this initiative, we focused on the development, funding, and implementation of a sustainable toolkit to support local organizations efforts to attracting and keeping talented people in our region.  As a part of the initiative, a campaign showcasing our region and personality (and poking fun at our weather) was developed.  The campaign, Greater Grand Forks: Way Cooler Than You Think! was launched through a centralized website,, which serves as a portal into the Grand Forks region. This portal is supported through social media, toolkits for employers, advertising, and more.


Please take a moment and check out the website and follow the social sites.  We all play a part in promoting our communities as a great place to live and work.  And, in return, that helps us attract more bright and talented professionals.







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