Last chance to see RENT this week

Crimson Creek’s production of RENT

I know I have already blogged about Crimson Creek’s production of RENT, but I hadn’t seen it yet, so it was more informational about the muscial itself. I have seen it in a number of other locations, so I am quite familiar with RENT, and I am thrilled to report I had the pleasure of seeing Crimson’s portrayal of the popular musical.

I was so impressed with the phenomenal talent found in the Grand Forks region. The vast majority of RENT involves singing with a great deal of movement, there are not many spoken words, and to hear those voices was truly amazing. The entire cast was great, but, of course, I did have a few favorites such as Roger played by Steven Douglas. I thought this Roger could compete with any that I have seen in London, NYC, Baltimore or Minneapolis.

Matt Hippen played Angel Dummott Schunard and did a fabulous job. I can’t imagine Angel is an easy character to master, but Matt did it wonderfully!

Finally I loved Candice Morgan as Maureen. Talk about a “drama queen”! he was hilarious, and her voice was unbelievable.

While the Fire Hall Theatre is normally the home of Crimson Creek, this show needed are larger venue, so you can see it at the historic Empire Arts Center this Tuesday-Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Get your tickets today by calling 701.777.4090.