One of the best things about Grand Forks is that something new opens up almost every week, and since the last I was in town, the city has expanded immensely.

Today’s post is from a Grand Forks friend and blogger, Michelle A. The Convention & Visitors Bureau hosted her in Grand Forks in October. All opinions are her own.

My favorite part about Grand Forks is exploring downtown as it reminds me of the Exchange District in Winnipeg – old buildings filled with grand history; while Winnipeg is slowly opening up the idea of adding more unique stories and dining experiences, Grand Forks is not one to shy away. The Convention & Visitors Bureau played host to a very lovely weekend getaway and my friend I were able to celebrate a few accomplishments that happened in the last couple of the months. The new establishments are really quite a treat and add to the vibrant feeling downtown Grand Forks has to offer.

Rhombus Guys Brewing Company

Located at 116 S. 3rd Street, and right around the corner from their location on Kittson, Rhombus Guys Brewing Company opened to the public the last week of September in historic downtown Grand Forks. Known for their fantastic pizza, Rhombus decided to take a chance on the growing popularity of brew pubs – creating unique drafts that would satisfy the novice beer drinker and impress the newbies. The location includes a small menu to nosh on while enjoying your cold brew. From pale and dark ales, to specials like Octoberfest, Rhombus has something for everyone – including vino for the non-beer drinkers. Nitro brew, a new feature in the brew world, creates a smoother, creamier taste and goes down nice and easy leaving a refreshing aftertaste. Date night, brews before a UND hockey game, or even a place to unwind, Rhombus is located in a perfect location.

Rhombus tip

Visit their Kittson location first for delicious pizza then walk over to the pub for a few pints. Sit at the bar to watch the action and get great insight from the crew. They are incredibly knowledgeable and wonderful to chat with. If you’re not sure which beer to try first, samplers are available. If you want to take some home with you, growlers are available for purchase.

Helix Wine & Bites

Just down the street from Rhombus, in the opposite direction, is the newest addition – Helix Wine & Bites, located at 110 N. Street. Helix offers an impressive wine collection including whites, reds, bubbles, and the option of half glass, full glass or bottle service. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, helping you with suggestions based on your taste and can offer food items to pair with your vino. One of the best times to visit is late at night, where you can enjoy a glass and a tasty dessert. The atmosphere is intimate and the perfect setting for date night, or an end to the spectacular girls’ weekend getaway. Helix Wine & Bites is the place to be the next time you’re in town.

Helix Tip

Wine listings start with fruity to dry. Not sure what you’d like? The staff will certainly hep you with a delightful choice. Best pairing – dark sweet red with the two mini-cheesecake selection.

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