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Today’s blog comes from Grand Forks friend, Michelle Arnaud (@accordingtomio).

Michelle is a Manitoba blogger we hosted for a simply grand weekend. She shares her opinions of shopping and dining here…


Ask anybody in Grand Forks where the best places to eat are and someone will give you a long list of where to go. There is a plethora of restaurants and diners, more than you can shake a stick at, and sometimes it is difficult to pick just one place. Have no fear because I have you covered – if you want something good to eat and experience unique dining, then these two places are your best bet.

The Toasted Frog

If you are looking for a place to hang out with your friends or spend an evening away from the kids, The Toasted Frog is that place. Located at 124 North 3rd Street, this establishment offers a small menu filled with tasty dishes with rotating specials and daily veggies. Each dish is carefully prepared by the talented chefs in the kitchen and each bite is so scrumptious that you want to savor it forever. Serving staff are knowledgeable and ready to help you with any questions you may have about the menu, including, how food is prepared. Don’t forget to browse the drink menu! My favorite? The Pink Lemonade Martini. Shaken, not stirred, of course!

Blue Moose Bar & Grill

Just a hop and a skip over the Sorlie Bridge is the Blue Moose Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks. With the option of sitting inside or on the large outdoor patio (when the weather permits), Blue Moose offers an extensive menu that caters to everyone – burgers, sandwiches, pasta, salads, children’s menu, a gluten free menu and a seasonal menu. Whether it is a quick bite to eat or a great sit down meal, this place has what is right for you. The ambiance is outdoors brought indoors with its quirky décor and gives you a really down home feeling.

If you’re a big peckish, the appetizer menu is best suited for you. If you’re looking for a great meal that will fill your belly – I suggest the burger menu. I enjoyed the Supercaliforniaextraordinarilydelicious Burger- a burger topped with slices of avocado and cucumber (don’t think about it too much because it truly is an awesome addition to a burger), lettuce onions, tomatoes and served with a side of fries, sweet potato fries or a salad.

The Blue Moose Bar & Grill is another great date night spot or a place to enjoy a meal with your family.


When I’m in Grand Forks not only do I check out good places to eat, I also check out good places to shop. Of course there’s the typical big box stores and mall that all the tourists flock to, but there are some great places that recently opened up you should check out.


Located in the former Target end of Columbia Mall, Scheels (a sporting goods store) is a store that has something for everyone. Dedicated to the outdoorsman – fishing, hunting, camping, etc., Scheels has shopping opportunities for kids, women, sports fans and fudge lovers. Yes, fudge lovers. Have you seen their fudge shop? Okay, so I may be addicted to fudge (just a bit), but it really is that great! Located within the dining area, you can enjoy a selection of fudge (4/$6 or 6/$12), ice cream, sandwiches, salads and select Starbucks beverages.

Need a badminton racket? They’ve got it. Need a canoe? Yes, they have that too. Hiking boots? Yep, they have that as well. A t-shirt from your favorite sports team? Oh, they have an assortment of what you’re looking for! Visit Scheels the next time you’re in Grand Forks and say hello to Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Regan and Teddy Roosevelt – they’re hanging out in front of the store (statues of course).


A new store in town offering a range of fun home décor, artful accents and gifts, Curious (3750 32nd Avenue South – in the Menard’s Plaza), is a place to shop if you like quirky things. I love this store, then again, I love finding kitschy items that I can display around my house. Think of modern-day kitschy and not the kitschy your grandma may have hanging around her house – less cheese and more ooh la la appeal. You’ll enjoy browsing the store and looking at all the fun, neat things it has to offer. You might find yourself walking away with a few cute items, even trying out the interactive color table.

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