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UND Football “Tailgater of the Year” to be awarded this Saturday


It has been an exciting first season in the Big Sky Conference for the University of North Dakota Football team! UND will host their final home game of the regular season this Saturday, November 3, at the Alerus Center. I definitely appreciate the opportunity to watch football indoors at the beginning of November in North Dakota!


The Convention & Visitors Bureau has been a proud sponsor of the Tailgating Village outside the Alerus Center for the last two seasons, and this year we designated a “Tailgater of the Game” at each home game with the winner(s) receiving prize packages valued at $250. This Saturday the “Tailgater of the Year” will be crowned from the pool of the past five winners. This recipient will receive a prize package valued at $500 along with bragging rights and a flag designating the title!


These high-spirited UND Football fans fill the Alerus Center parking lot hours before each game with food, festivities and fun. Here are the game winners and the entries for “Tailgater of the Year”:


August 30 – Al Pearson has been enjoying UND Football since 1961, and when he is tailgating he is decked out in UND gear and socializing with other fans of all ages!














September 8 – Erich Hatwig, from Hallock, MN, has been tailgating for the past four years. He does it because he loves socializing and meeting new people while showing his love of UND Football. This group was chosen as “Tailgater of the Game” due to their energy and friendliness!














September 29 – This group of 60 people headed up by Scott Kosmatka, Todd Anvinson, Chris Misialek, Orin Knutson and Dave Lind, brought a pick-up grill, which is a 1966 Chevy converted to a grill, which is under the hood. No matter what the temperature is outside, this group is here, and they support all UND athletics.











October 13 – Sandy Berg has been tailgating at the UND Homecoming Football for the past five years; driving all the way to Grand Forks from Georgia! They had 15 tailgaters with them and an airplane as part of their props! This group knows how to warm the hearts of UND fans!











October 20 – This team includes Kevin and Kathy Smith and Dana and Janel Hermes. They have been showing their UND spirit since 1999. They are parents of former players, and the excitement of UND Football has been keeping them coming back. They love UND Football so much they many times take the trailer to away games and have people join them and sign the inside of their trailer. At this game their group of 15 was feeding guest high school teams.












Will you be at Saturday’s game? Who do you think should win the honor of “Tailgater of the Year”?

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  • Kim_drees

    Dean Drees & his Sioux Bus… tailgate food!

  • football fan

    The Winner of the Tailgater of the Year will be picked from these Five groups listed, correct?  I vote for Kostmatka, Anvinson, Misialek, Knutson & Lind!

  • Jasmith

    ‘I vote for the Smith & Hermes crew’

  • Jesse

    ‘I vote for the Smith & Hermes crew’

  • Specialized2323

    Hermes & Smith all the way!!

  • jed

    I vote for Hermes and Smith

  • Dsbutler71

    Hermes and Smith!!! They’ve fed me more than once and are the best.

  • Andy

    Hermes and Smith

  • Jack McDonald

    I vote for Al Pearson. He’s been there through thick and thin for more than half a century.

  • Lisa Spencer

    My vote goes to Smith & Hermes!

  • Tailgate Spot 242-3

    Kevin and Kathy Smith and Dana and Janel Hermes

  • Steve

    I vote for the Hermes and Smith crew.

  • Epicpt

    Smith and Hermes crew!  Some of the most inviting and generous people anywhere!

  • Kara

    Smith and Hermes Crew get my vote!!  They are awesome.  Some of the most generous and supportive fans I know!

  • Spollow

    Smith & Hermes get my vote

  • Pam_krause

    Smith and Hermes have my vote!!

  • Robbinkl

    I vote for the Smith and Hermes crew.

  • Phil M

    Smith & Hermes crew

  • DG

    Smith and Hermes crew

  • R. Gagner

    ‘I vote for the Smith
    & Hermes crew’

  • SueB

    ‘Smith & Hermes

  • Kris V.

    Smith and Hermes–hands down.

  • Omyers

    Smith & Hermes

  • Tmsmith

    smith & hermes!!!

  • yourfavorite:)

    Smith and Hermes…they will serve anyone and take a lot of time planning unique and delicious food!

  • Kcookcore

    ‘I vote for the Smith & Hermes crew’

  • I vote for ‘Smith & Hermes Crew’. They were the official tailgating parents since 1999-2004 and still to this day tailgate every weekend since their sons have graduated. When being the official tailgating parents they fed the UND football parents, their families, UND football players after the games, fans from the opposing teams who stopped by their tailgating spot from 1999-2004 at all home, away and playoff games. Now they feed anyone who stops by their current tailgating spot and always make sure the Alerus parking lot workers get fed for they feel they help the tailgating program. They pulled their ‘Sioux Trailer’ behind them from Aberdeen, SD & Breckenridge, MN to all these places and fed everyone as their donation to UND Football. That’s alot of travel, food and good times and that is why I believe their dedication to UND and UND Football Tailgating should give them first place in the contest.

  • Smith and Hermes by long shot

  • Jim Thompson

    Smith & Hermes

  • Micbuc

    I vote for Smith & Hermes tailgate party!

  • tilo

    I vote for the Smith & Hermes tailgate crew!

  • Dakota Freeze

    Smith and Hermes for sure. No contest!

  • Mike G

    Smith and Hermes crew

  • STL Woody

    Smith and Hermes Crew are fantastic UND fans. Tailgating is a time to gather with friends and family and to share good tasting food before the game. They are the most generous, dedicated group of people that deserve the honor of Tailgater of the year!!!

  • Migreenw

    ‘Smith & Hermes Crew’

  • Lizknudson

    Smith & Hermes Tailgating Crew.  Dana Hermes is a rock star.

  • Greg

    we vote for Smith and Hermes crew!! 

  • M Moen

    My vote is for Hermas Smith tailgating group. The funnest one out there