We are happy in Grand Forks!

Today’s blog comes from Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau executive director, Julie Rygg.

Gallup recently unveiled their annual ranking of well-being in the United States, and guess who ranked first? It was North Dakota (Minnesota was close at fourth)! That tells us, for the most part, North Dakotans are the happiest people in the U.S. I tend to agree with this report. We are quite happy here and there are many big reasons, but there are also lots of small things that we find great joy in!

Now I now it has been a long winter all over the county, and I like to look for some of those fun little things to brighten my day and add enjoyment. I am sharing my current five faves with you. Enjoy!

1. The martinis at the Toasted Frog are amazing. If you haven’t had one yet, I highly recommend them. My favorite is the Pink Lemonade. It is the perfect combination of sweet and sour and reminds me of a warm summer day.

2. There is nothing better than a hot mocha on a cold winter morning. My ultimate favorite place for a hot coffee is the Urban Stampede. Their mocha is so yummy and the atmosphere downtown is warm, unique and inviting. A close second is the new Tim Horton’s. Their prices are amazing and you can pick up some Timbits too!

3. I love to eat all types of seafood and have recently become a lover of sushi. I admit I am still pretty naive when it comes to sushi and not very adventurous yet, but anything that comes close to the Lobster Bomb at Little Bangkok is on my list of favorites. Lobster combined with anything is always great, but add the unique presentation with the incredible taste and you have a winner!

4. If you live in North Dakota, you hear a lot about hockey during the winter and even summer. There are many reasons I enjoy attending UND’s hockey games. First they take place at the Ralph Engelstad Arena, which is an impressive facility and way beyond your standard hockey rink. UND always puts on a great show and, with thousands of people attending, the atmosphere in the building is always exciting. Add some great game food and beverages, and you have a great night out!

5. I have kids and while they love to play outside in the snow, there are those days we need to stay inside and still work off some energy. I love to do that at the Northern Air Family Fun Center. This place is not just for the kids! I love the trampolines, the dodge ball and the basketball. You can’t help but smile and laugh while enjoying this awesome facility!

What are those little things in Grand Forks that make you happy? Tweet us @visitgrandforks, and maybe we can add to my list! Need inspiration, head to our website or follow us on Facebook.

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