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Extreme North Dakota Spring Primer Adventure Race/END-SPAR

Saturday Apr 22

9 AM
Turtle River State Park
3084 Park Avenue - 22 Miles West of Grand Forks on Hwy #2
Arvilla, ND 58214


Race Summary: Adventure Racing--what is it? It's a team sport (you stay together the whole time) where you navigate to different locations using a paper map. Different parts of the race involve different modes of travel, usually running/trekking, mountain/gravel biking, and paddling. Nobody knows the course before race day, so it's an adventure--you don't know where you'll end up, or how you'll get there. Rootstock Racing has a wonderful article (link is external) on why it's a great sport. 


The Extreme North Dakota Spring Primer Adventure Race (END-SPAR) is our annual sprint distance (4-6 hours) race designed to provide a means for those new to adventure racing to get their feet wet (and muddy and possibly blistered!) without committing to a longer race. It's also a good way to refresh your skills if you (like most people) haven't raced all winter.


Besides being a great entry point into the sport of AR, it is also an opportunity for experienced teams to hone their skills for the coming season and/or develop new skills that will prepare them for longer races.  I like to think that when racers who are well acquainted with (and able to complete) the ENDracing series do other races they will happily realize that their ability to comfortably be 'out of their comfort zone' is more than a match for most events.
Date: April 22 2017.
Time: Start around 9 am, finish around 3 pm. (2017 times TBD along with END-AR)
Cap: Race will be limited to 40 teams.  Teams receiving free entry WILL count towards this cap.  The race may fill up.  NOTE--there is no race day registration. You must register by May 5th to race.
Opening soon...Through Feb 28Mar 1-Race Day
Team of 2 (view roster) $120 $150
Team of 3 (view roster) $180 $225
Team of 4 (view roster) $240 $300

Youth (17 and under) save $10.
Refund Policy

Location: Downtown Grand Forks, ND (or thereabouts)
Entry Includes:  ENDracing shirt, maps, all mystery challenge equipment, more to come...
Categories: The premiere category for adventure racing is 3 or 4 person coed.  All 3/4 person coed teams will be competing for the top podium honors.  We will also recognize top overall place and top places for all male teams and all female teams, in both 3/4 person and 2 person categories.
Disciplines:  Every race will include running/trekking, mountain biking (possibly including single-track), canoeing/kayaking, and map and compass navigation (all mandatory points for END-SPAR will be pre-plotted).
Scoring:  Teams collect a point for each checkpoint (CP) they visit during the course.  Some CPs are optional so that slower or less experienced teams can still complete the course by opting out of these as they see fit.  Teams are scored and ranked based on the number of optional CPs they visit.  Teams with the same score are ranked based on finish time.
Gear List: 2016 gear list (link is external) (updated 2016-05-02). FAQs are here.
Social Media: Please use #endspar for your social media posts while you train and after the race (obviously, you won't be posting during the race). Check out the hashtag on Twitter (link is external), Instagram (link is external), and even Facebook (link is external). Don't forget to tag your friends and invite them to the race!