SimplyGrand Dishing with Steph: Fresh Mint Coffee

My kids have a newly discovered obsession with iced coffee, so it was a no brainer to try out Molly Yeh’s recipe for Fresh Mint Iced Coffee, found on page 54 of her cookbook, Molly on the Range​.

I’ve been experimenting with making iced coffee cocktails lately (I leave the booze out of the ones I make for the kids). And just last week our family enjoyed some amazing iced Thai coffee served up by one of our favorite local coffee shops, Urban Stampede, while we attended an Alley Alive event in Grand Forks.

Tools and Ingredients:

  • I chose to use a local coffee, selecting the Uff-Da blend from Bully Brew Coffee.  I love the fact that they sell their wonderful brews in K-Cup form.
  • I grow mint in my herb garden specifically for the purpose of making cocktails, especially my favorite summer drink, the Bootleg.
  • I usually make my own simply syrup but I was short on time so I used pre-made simple syrup.  You can pick this up at just about any grocery or liquor store.  I purchased mine at Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop in Grand Forks.

Making the Fresh Mint Iced Coffee:

We started by brewing up the coffee and letting it cool off a little while we picked some fresh mint.  Since the weather was nice, my little baristas moved their drink assembly to the patio.  The kids fought over who got to muddle their mint first.

We followed Molly’s recipe exactly.  The ratio of mint, coffee, syrup and cream was perfect.  It really hit the spot on a hot, summer morning.  I’ve gone back for seconds today for a little extra boost of caffeine.

Tips and Tricks:

I have a muddler that I also picked up at Happy Harry’s.  I make a lot of use of it with cocktails.  If you don’t have a muddler you can use a wooden spoon to muddle the mint.


So I think it’s a natural fit that the kids LOVED this recipe.  If fact, my son gulped his down, popped another K-Cup in the Keurig and had a full cup of coffee without the cream and sugar.  Then he ran around the house like a maniac for an hour. 

My husband and I come from Scandinavian backgrounds.  We’ve been offered coffee for as long as either of us can remember, usually by our grandparents.  I fondly remember my Grandma Helen saying “Steph, are you drinking coffee yet?” well before I was able to drive.

I even have a picture of my dad sharing a cup of coffee with my son, James, when James was about three years old. 

We were all impressed with Molly’s recipe.  Next time I might infuse the simple syrup with mint to give it an even stronger mint flavor.  If I would have made this at night, I would have added a bit of bourbon as well.  Maybe I’ll try that out next weekend.

Please let me know if you’ve tried this recipe or tell me your favorite Molly Yeh recipe.  You can e-mail me at or post to VisitGrandForks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.