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Enjoy a ‘fest’ive walk in the park

​Clear your calendars now for June 8 & 9…that’s when University Park will be jam-packed with great shopping, entertainment, food and plenty of fun during Public Arts Commission...

Hear blues, get greens, savor reds

Don’t have any major plans for your warm weather weekends? No worries; we’ve got some good news for you!

Summertime fun under SimplyGrand skies

Warm temps plus sunny skies can only equal one thing: summer has officially arrived in our two Forks! While there are certainly many more, below are my top five SimplyGrand...

street fair

Find SimplyGraND buys under Fair skies

​Put pen to planner (or stylus to mobile device) right now and mark off September 8 & 9.

Street Fair

Find SimplyGrand buys under Fair Skies

​Put pen to planner right now and mark off September 9-10, 2016! Why?