Attention to Each Detail, with our Compliments


At no additional cost to meeting and sports event planners, our team provides expert services and selected meeting and tournament materials. We know the venues, on-site contacts, vendors, technologies, sports sites and other details for smooth, memorable events and tournaments. Get these complimentary services for your Greater Grand Forks meetings, events and sports tournaments at absolutely no cost to you:

Bid preparation and presentation

Our experienced sales staff members will prepare and present formal bid proposals for conventions and events, plus coordinate and host site visits and tours to familiarize your team with available venues.

Hospitality packets

We offer information for registration packets, including hospitality bags, Greater Grand Forks Visitors Guides, coupon books and other brochures based on availability.

Deadline: Two weeks prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $17 (100 packets))


We can help with group tour arrangements to various area attractions, plus provide contact information for speakers and entertainment.

(Cost: Free | Value: $12/hr hour staff time)

Registration Assistance

Our professional personnel can assist with convention registration.

Deadline: One month prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $12/hour staff time; Laptop and printer, $50/day)


You may use our LCD projector, free of charge, at any Greater Grand Forks venue. We also offer mile marker race clock, portable PA system with microphone and mic stand, 10’ x 10’ E-Z Pop Up Tent, generator and safety vests.

Deadline: Two weeks prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $50 (per day/device))

Water bottles

For Athletic Tournaments, we offer water bottles for athletes, coaches and tourney staff members.

Deadline: One month prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $2 - $6/bottle)

Summer fun recreation gear

Make advance arrangements with us to check out games and sports equipment for your group to enjoy, free of charge.

Deadline: Two weeks prior to event

Public relations/publicity/media e-mail blasts

We can prepare and distribute news releases, pre-event promotional e-mail blasts and share our contact list of local and regional media representatives. Our senior staff members are available to present a welcome message, during conventions, upon request. Letters of welcome from the mayors of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks are also available.

Deadline: One month prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $15/hour staff time; E-mails, $250/blast)


We’ll provide shuttle bus contact information to help get your group where it needs to go.

Deadline: Two weeks prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $12/hour staff time)

VIP gifts

Based on event size, we may provide gift boxes/coolers for your event VIPs, including customizable gifts upon request. The gifts typically include locally made food and beverage items and special accompaniments.

Deadline: One month prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $30/each)

Welcome banners/signage/e-mail blasts

We’ll produce welcome banners and signs for your host venues. We can also provide vertical schedules of your event and use of our sandwich sign boards; please inquire. At your request, we can also distribute welcome signage to hotels and/or produce and send out e-mail blasts.

Banner deadline: Two weeks prior to event

Signage and E-mail blasts deadline: One month prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $20/banners and signage; E-mails, $250/blast)


We’ll help set up blocks of hotel rooms and coordinate other lodging needs.

(Cost: Free | Value: $12/hour staff time)

Name badges, bag tags

We’ll provide printed name badges with holders and/or printed bag tags with plastic loops for your meeting attendees.

Deadline: Two weeks prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $150/100 name badges and/or bag tags)

Concession vouchers 

Each athlete will be issued a concession voucher for use toward purchasing food/beverage(s) at the event's onsite concessions. After the event, the organization which operates the concessions will invoice Visit Greater Grand Forks for the total value of all vouchers cashed in. 

Deadline: One month prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $5-$10/concession voucher)

Inflatable arches

We can supply your event with a 22'x14' inflatable arch, as well as signage for the arch. (High wind restrictions apply.) We also have "start" and "finish" flags and an inflatable paddlewheel arch available. 

Deadline: One month prior to event

(Cost: Free | Value: $300/day + signage)