SimplyGrand times for inquiring minds

Searching for local hotspots that are full of fun and games? Our two towns have several restaurants and bars ready to dish it out.

With subjects ranging from Golden Girls, Friends and The Office to 80s movies, 90s boy bands and all things Game of Thrones, everyone will surely find a trivia topic that’s right up their alley. And who knows, it just may lead to some big winning$!

Listed below is a sampling of places in town ready to give you the third degree when the sun goes down:

  • Bonzer’s Sandwich Pub - Monday at 8 PM; 21+
  • Diamond Lounge - Tuesday at 7 PM; 21+
  • The Hub Pub - Tuesday at 7 PM; 21+
  • Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews - Tuesday at 8 PM; all ages
  • Brick & Barley - Wednesday at 7 PM; 21+
  • Ground Round Grill & Bar - Wednesday at 8 PM; all ages
  • Up North Pizza Pub - Thursday - 7 PM; all ages

Nutritionists say you need to feed your brain for it to function properly. So, best order up some of these establishments’ tasty eats (perhaps a drink or two, as well) to increase your odds of winning! A few of my favorites include Bonzer’s chili, the walleye tacos at Brick & Barley, Up North’s saucy hen pizza and when it comes to between-the-bun creations, Sickies’ California avocado turkey and Ground Round’s Texas Hold ‘em are two of the best burgers in all of North Dakota.

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