UNIQUELY FORKS: Five local Flavors for you to savor

Next time you are in the Forks, each of these is a "must try" for locals and visitors alike.

REAL GOOD COOKIES | Brick & Barley

Have a monster appetite for cookies that are hugely delicious? Then order up a dozen of Brick & Barley's made from scratch Salted Bittersweet Chocolate, aka "The OG", or get a little crazy and try their gourmet stuffed cookies filled with everything from fruit to nuts, even candy bars. Cookies may be ordered online or purchased at Geneva's, all Bully Brew locations and Brick & Barley.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

SPEEDWAY SAUCE | Speedway 805 Grill & Bar

This zesty-meets-sweet, delectable culinary concoction jazzes up everything you dip it in or put it on. Speedway Sauce may be purchased at Speedway 805 Bar & Grill.

805 North 42rd Street, Grand Forks | Website

CHIPPERS | Widman's Candy

What happens when you take a rippled potato chip and hand-dip it in cream homemade chocolate? Known around the world as Chippers, these slightly salty and perfectly sweet treats are Widman's claim to candy fame. Chippers are available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and peanut butter.

106 South 3rd Street, Grand Forks | Facebook


Not only does this popular coffeehouse brew up lots of tasty drinks, they take pride in being Forks' official coffee roaster. Be sure to bag some of these cool beans before heading out.

  • South Drive, 4571 South Washington Street
  • Columbia Road, 2100 South Columbia Road
  • East Grand Forks, 321 Demers Avenue



Topped with their secret recipe red and white sauces, the sandwiches at this legendary Forks restaurant are so addictively delicious, owners just had to figure out a way to help loyal patrons all over the country get their grinder fix.

  • Original, 1011 University Avenue, Grand Forks
  • Campus Place, 415 North 42nd Street, Grand Forks
  • South, 4401 South Washington Street, Grand Forks