Red Pine Distillery

At Red Pine Distillery, they walk the fine line between rough and refined. Like their namesake, they are native to Minnesota. They're proud of our Red River Valley heritage and use only locally grown ingredients to distill top-shelf quality spirits that imbue authentic flavors and always finish smooth.

Red Pine Sugar Beet Vodka is distilled with raw sugar beets and sugar beet molasses produced in the Red River Valley. They've perfected the process to craft a top-shelf vodka that can please even the most refined palate. They started with vodka, but we believe in variety.

A one hour full walk-through of the operating distillery is available. See each step of how they take raw ingredients and turn them into fantastic spirits! Tours also include samples of all products in production and any being developed as well as a souvenir glass! Advance reservations are required and may be made online.

  • Parking Available

Contact Information

4051 Gateway Drive, Door #9
Grand Forks, North Dakota 58203