Rydell Skatepark

If you want some freewheeling fun, take a spin over to the Rydell Skatepark. Located in beautiful Kannowski Park, this awesome spot provides skaters of all levels and their families a safe place to gather.


  • Tri-Tiered Manual Pad
  • Grind Ledge 10' x 2' x 1'10"H
  • HSS Grind Rail
  • 3'0'' H Bank Ramp
  • 2'6'' Quarter Pipe
  • Radius Bowl Wall with Galvanized Steel Pipe Coping
  • Waterfall
  • Drain
  • Slanted Wall
  • Pool Coping
  • Quarter Pipe, Variable Heights
  • Spine
  • 2'5'' Quarter Pipe
  • 5'6'' Cantilevered Radius Wedge Extension
  • Stairs
  • Single Kinked Grind Rail
  • 2'6'' Cantilevered Quarter Pipe
  • 2'6'' Volcano Transition
  • 2'0" Bank to Bank
  • Grind Ledges, Variable Heights
  • 1'8" Double Raked Manual Pad
Pumpkin Patch

Kidding around in SimplyGrand Forks

Not sure how to entertain the little ones when summertime comes to an end? No need to worry, Greater Grand Forks has you covered with lots of options for keeping the kids occupied....

Contact Information

703 South 4th Street, Kannowski Park
Grand Forks, North Dakota 58201
Phone: 701-746-2750